New to the BPO Industry

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Starting in the BPO Industry

If you are considering expanding into the BPO and REO side of real estate, NABPOP is a great place to jump start your BPO and REO business.

As a NABPOP Member, you are provided a list of BPO and REO companies to sign up with (with all contact information), you are provided with the top BPO industry training in the industry, and ongoing sales support so you can hit the ground running.

Real Estate Professionals, Sales Agents and Brokers, can reap significant benefits from joining NABPOP. NABPOP members receive BPO specific training and special designation as Broker Price Opinion experts.

Members of NABPOP enjoy the following advantages:

  • BPO Course – expanded BPO knowledge and better qualified at BPOs
  • Get certified as a BPO Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist C-REPS
  • Recognition as a BPO expert
  • Increased overall professionalism
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Improved professional status
  • Distinguished
  • Increased BPO business, valuation related business, and income
  • Get started doing BPOs today by signing up with BPO & REO Companies that are in the Directory of BPO Companies
  • Sign up with more BPO & REO Companies – Directory of BPO Companies

More Information about NABPOP Benefits:

  • BPO Certification testing
  • BPO Course
  • Directory of BPO & REO Companies to sign up with to get BPO orders
  • Directory of BPO Professionals – searched by…
    • BPO Companies
    • Real Estate Investors
    • General Public looking for a real estate agent/broker
    • Other Members (networking/referrals)
  • Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist C-REPS Designation
  • BPO Orders Available Bulletin Board
  • BPO Resources
  • BPO Advocacy
  • Networking Forums
  • Suggestion
  • Member’s Profile