Income from BPOs

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Income doing BPOs

NABPOP Members (Real Estate Agents and Brokers) can earn thousands per month performing BPOs. Getting started in the BPO industry can be challenging, but it is gratifying and worth the effort.

Regardless of the direction of the real estate industry, there is always demand for BPOs. There will always be a need for brokers and agents to perform accurate and quality-oriented BPOs. Not only are agents who perform BPOs better agents overall, but they are also earning extra real estate income. Most NABPOP members do BPOs to supplement their real estate income, but some perform BPOs exclusively and earn up to a 6 figure income.

NABPOP members enjoy a consistent and steady flow of BPO income between real estate deals. A regular Real Estate Professional’s income can be inconsistent at times. Once established and vetted with a few BPO Companies, NABPOP members earn a consistent and reliable income performing BPOs while conducting their regular real estate business.

The longer an agent or broker waits to get started in the BPO industry, the more opportunities their competitors have to get in front of them.

The amount of money a NABPOP member can make is limited only by their dedication and perseverance. (Income results vary depending on competition, market area, and other variables – income cannot be guaranteed)


The BPO industry can be unforgiving to those who don’t know what they are doing. Trial and error doing BPOs will doom your BPO career. Don’t try to get started on your own; learn from the knowledge and experience of other BPO professionals. NABPOP has the resources to teach you how to do BPOs the right way – how BPO/REO Companies expect them to be done.

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