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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take the BPO Course?  How do I get certified?

Both the BPO Course and BPO Certification testing is only available to members of NABPOP at no additional cost.  You must join as a member in order to take the BPO Course and to become BPO Certified.

How is the course offered?

The BPO Certification course is offered online.  There are no deadlines nor time frames to complete the course. BPO Course is self paced and is not lock-step.  The BPO Course takes approximately 6 hours to complete. The BPO Course is also available in e-book format which can be printed and/or used on a reading device such as a Kindle.

Is the course available in a classroom?

Currently the BPO Course is not available in a classroom.

How long does the course take?

The BPO Course is self paced and is not lock-step.  The BPO Course takes approximately 6 hours.

Is there a need to do BPOs in my area/What is the demand for BPOs in my area?

Wherever there are houses, there is demand for BPOs. Typically more populated areas have more houses, but there are also more agents to service the demand. Typically most BPO companies are in need of brokers/agents in rural areas.  In more populated areas there are typically more agents performing BPOs, but there is also turnover in the BPO industry and more populated areas experience higher turnover.  There is always opportunity for agents and brokers to perform BPOs.

What is the cost of membership?

There is only one 1 membership which has two 2 payment options – both are the exact same membership with the same benefits.  There is an Annual membership and a Monthly membership.

For the annual membership, the initial membership/registration fee is $220 (onetime fee).  Membership expires 1 year after the initial sign up.  Annual renewal is $75/year after the first year.

For the monthly membership, the initial membership/registration fee is $135 (onetime fee). Membership expires 1 month after the initial sign up.  Renewal is $9.99 per month (automatically billed) after the first month.

Both options are the same membership and begin on the day you join, there are no prorated dues.

How much does the BPO Course cost?  How much does the Certification cost?

The BPO Course and BPO Certification Testing is included with NABPOP membership at no additional charge.

Do they do BPOs in my area?

BPOs are performed all across the United States. Every house is a potential BPO.

Can a real estate agent perform Broker Price Opinions?

Yes, agents perform BPOs in every state of the US. Technically, an agent works for a broker and everything the agent does is in the brokers name. Agents should make arrangements with their broker to do BPOs. There are some brokers who actually encourage their agents to perform BPOs in order to give them the pricing and valuation skill set and to stay technically in tune with their market.