BPO Course details

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BPO Course Details

Example of an illustrated page in the BPO Education Section

NABPOP has the most complete BPO education that you will find! Become an expert in doing BPOs and evaluating properties.  Sharpen your home pricing skills. The expertise you acquire from the BPO Education section and Certification process will enhance your Real Estate business.  The skills and requirements for performing accurate BPOs on a regular basis are the skills and practices that make great Real Estate Professionals.

Performing BPOs with proper training will lead to higher quality and accurate BPOs. Performing accurate and efficient BPOs with complete education and certification creates a quality professional who is more proficient and timely in their performance; thus saving the BPO Companies time and gaining a higher reputation with their bank alliances.

NABPOP BPO Training and Education is the best and most comprehensive in the industry. The BPO Education is dynamic to meet the requirements of the valuation industry.  NABPOP receives input from valuation providers (BPO and REO companies) QC departments, Vendor Managers, reviewers, and chief appraisers.  NABPOP also elicits input from experienced and the top rated BPO practitioner members as well as the BPO advisory board comprised of educators and highly experienced BPO practitioners. The BPO Education section has evolved and will continue to evolve to meet the dynamic needs of the valuation industry.

NABPOP strives to make the most comprehensive and relevant BPO Education as possible.  NABPOP has fully integrated the BPO Standards and Guidelines (BPOSG click here for more details) into the BPO Education Section as well as the BPO Certification Test.

NABPOP has Certified Distance Education Instructors (CDEI) Accredited by the International Distance Education Center.        

BPO Course Details

The BPO Course is available to members on-line or as a downloadable and printable E-book. NABPOP members can access the BPO Education at any time. The BPO Course is self-paced and is presented as a series of illustrated pages. There are no deadlines nor time-frames. Although the BPO Course is self-paced, it takes approximately 6 hours to complete for planning purposes. The BOP Course is available to members at no additional cost and is available immediately upon sign up.

The BPO Course is a component of NABPOP’s BPO Certification process. The BPO Course is everything a member needs in order to pass the BPO Certification Test. At the end of every certification test, members are presented with feedback and review with specific references to the BPO Course. Members use the feedback to review educational material and further study to improve their BPO Certification Test scores.

  • NABPOP BPO Course include (but are not limited to):
    • BPOSG – BPO Standards and Guidelines
    • BPO and Valuation Concepts & Principles
    • BPO Preparation
    • Techniques to review BPO Orders – Do’s and Don’ts
    • Gather Information & Property Inspection
    • Market evaluation
    • Distressed Properties
      • REO
      • Foreclosures
      • Short Sales
    • Sources of Information analysis
      • Public Records
      • MLS techniques
    • Property Owner protocols
    • Photo Requirements & Techniques
    • Accurate Amenity Valuation
      • Analysis techniques
      • Paired Sales Analysis
    • Inspections:
      • Neighborhood Inspection
      • Exterior Property Inspection
      • Interior Inspection
    • Gross Living Area evaluation
    • Room Count & GLA
    • Rating a Property & Amenities
    • House Types & Photo Examples
    • House Styles & Photo Examples
    • Roof Types & Photo Examples
    • Comparable Evaluation
      • Superior, Inferior & Equal Comps
      • Comparable Standards and Guidelines
      • Lack of Comparables
    • Adjustments
      • Adjust for Features & Amenities
      • Time Adjustments
      • Determine Feature Value & Paired Sales Analysis
    • Determine Accurate Appreciation & Depreciation rates
    • Application of Appreciation or Depreciation rate
    • Develop final Price Opinion & Submission
    • Reconciliation Process
    • Land Value
    • BPO Forms – Common Fields
    • Property & Amenity Ratings
    • Practical Exercises
      • Adjustments
      • Determine Appreciation & Depreciation
      • Paired Sales Analysis
      • Superior, Inferior, Equal
      • Calculations
        • Percentage Change
        • Annual Appreciation/Depreciation
        • Adjustments