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BPO Companies

Welcome to the website for the National Association of BPO Professionals – NABPOP. This section of the website is geared toward BPO Companies. The contents of this website section may also be of interest to banks, lenders, investment managers or any organization that is considering/utilize BPOs or require price evaluations of real estate property.

NABPOP does not perform BPOs and/or price evaluations. NABPOP is geared and positioned to provide BPO education, training, BPO resources, and BPO certification. Rather than compete, NABPOP refers any solicitations for BPO evaluations to BPO Companies that have partnered with NABPOP.


NABPOP envisions a uniform and standardized BPO Industry with highly qualified and competent Real Estate Professionals that service the BPO industry. NABPOP also envisions uncovering and leveraging the synergies that exist between the BPO Practitioners and between the BPO Provider organizations (BPO/REO Companies, banks, lenders, asset managers, hedge fund managers, investment managers etc…l) for the common benefit of all organizations and BPO Practitioners in the BPO and valuation industry.

NABPOP’s vision is to affect the BPO industry and, by extension, the valuation industry, with an environment of continuous ongoing excellence and a seamless communication network between NABPOP members, BPO Companies and financial institutions, and the general public requiring Real Estate services from NABPOP members who are highly proficient in Real Estate evaluation and pricing.

NABPOP Mission

NABPOP’s mission is to continuously develop and promote real estate professionals and BPO practitioners to raise the overall effectiveness of the BPO and real estate valuation industry. NABPOP seeks to support the overall industry, members, BPO providing companies (BPO companies, REO Companies, banks, lenders, loan servicers etc…) by continuously developing, implementing, and promoting programs and services.

NABPOP is committed to advocating the practice of BPOs by promoting standards of excellence in the profession through:

  • BPO Education
  • BPO Certification
  • BPO Political Advocacy
  • Enforcing a Code of Ethics and Professionalism
  • Communication Networks
  • Professional and BPO Resources
  • Publications
  • Products
  • Industry Surveys
  • Networking Forums