C_REPS Explained

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C_REPS Explained

Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist

The C_REPS designation has a point system to reward participation in the body of knowledge and BPO technical proficiency.

The C_REPS Point System is intended to reward participation in the betterment of the association as well as to encourage technical proficiency in the BPO industry. The point system is a combination of participation as well as performance on the BPO certification test.

C_REPS Points are used to determine the sort order of directory searches – the more points a C_REPS has, the higher they appear in directory searches. Also, some BPO companies use C_REPS Points in their scoring systems for vendor ratings. 

C_REPS Points = Participation Points + Certification Test Score + Current on Certification (re-certify annually)

Participation Points:

  • Conduct local analysis
  • Provide local market information
  • Review and advise on BPO education content
  • Suggest article and/or education topic(s)
  • Submit certification test questions
  • Write a blog or article about a home interest or a BPO related topic
  • Locate an article/blog, rewrite, and submit
  • Rewrite an already submitted article
  • Provide bullet points or talking points on a topic needing content
  • Add content to an article/Expand on an already submitted article
  • Provide comments or quote(s) for an article
  • Provide picture(s) which are relevant to an article or topic
  • Provide comments on social media
  • Like and/or share articles on social media

Each C_REPS should plan on contributing between 1 to 10 hours a year.  This is a voluntary program, so it is up to each C_REPS how much time they can devote to participate, but there are several reasons why the time is an investment which can lead to exposure and marketing opportunities, more BPO work, as well as real estate prospects.