How to get started doing BPOs

Start doing BPOs

Basic Requirements to perform BPOs:

  • Current Real Estate Sales Agent or Broker license
  • Sales agents should have broker consent
  • E&O insurance
  • BPO certification – Highly recommended (not required)

Steps to start doing BPOs

  1. Join as a member of NABPOP – National Association of BPO Professionals
    • Access to the BPO course, BPO certification testing, BPO resources
      • No Trial and Error – take the guesswork out of learning
    • Get support
  2. Take the BPO Course
  3. Pass the BPO Certification Test to become BPO Certified ASAP
  4. Freddie MacSign up with Banks, Lenders, Asset Managers, BPO Companies etc.
    • NABPOP members have access to the Directory for organizations who hire and pay agents/brokers.
    • Check the Blacklist to ensure you don’t sign up with the organizations who do not pay.
  5. Opt into the Directories to be found by Banks, Lenders, Asset Managers, BPO Companies etc. looking for BPO certified Agents/Brokers
  6. Establish and maintain a vendor rating with each organization by submitting on time and accurate BPOs.

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Do it Yourself/Trial and Error

Broker Price Opinion (BPO) work is available to licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Banks, lenders, REO asset managers, BPO companies, and Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) pay Real Estate Agents and Brokers to perform BPOs. Click here for more info BPO Income

If you are licensed, you simply have to sign up with organizations who pay agents and brokers to perform BPOs such as BPO companies, Appraisal Management Companies (AMC), REO asset managers, banks, lenders etc.

Step 1. Sign up with BPO Companies and AMCs. You should be able to find companies to sign up with by doing web searches. Be aware there are a few companies who will not pay – avoid these companies. Black ListThese companies are desperate to find agents/brokers and most likely will readily give you jobs. These organizations actively solicit agents/brokers to sign up. Also, be aware these companies market to recruit agents/brokers so they will be relatively easy to find in your search. Most organizations in the industry are reputable and do pay. Typically, the higher paying BPO companies are harder to find.

BPO CertificateStep 2 Become BPO certified. Although most financial organizations do not require a BPO Certification, most financial organizations will give preference to BPO certified agents/brokers versus non-certified. There are some organizations who do require a BPO Certification or will only try new agents/brokers who are BPO Certified.

Step 3 Wait to be contacted. There are always BPOs needed all over the country – click here for more info Availability of BPOs. Typically, the companies who you have signed up with should contact you when BPO jobs are available and they don’t have any established agents/brokers to complete the work. This may take some time because agents with a BPO certification on the wait list will typically get priority.

Step 4 Accept and Complete Orders. When you are contacted by a BPO company to complete a BPO, you will typically log onto their website to complete their on-line BPO form.