Why do BPOs

Why should an agent/broker do BPOs

Most Real Estate agents and/or brokers perform BPOs to supplement their real estate income.¬† BPOs are a very reliable and consistent source of income for real estate agents and brokers.¬† Even agents and brokers, who don’t necessarily need to augment their real estate income, perform BPOs to stay on top of their market, keep their valuation and pricing skills sharp, and for the marketing opportunities which are presented while they are in the neighborhoods completing BPOs.

Some of the many benefits agents and brokers enjoy performing BPOs:

  • Receive Income
  • Opportunities for listings (REO, foreclosure, short sale)
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Increased Skills as a Real Estate Professional
  • Become a more Proficient and knowledgeable Real Estate Professional

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Real Estate Income

Perform BPOs

BPO Certification

The Real Estate industry and the BPO industry are certainly skilled professional industries with the need for certifications. NABPOP Members distinguish themselves and increase their BPO credibility by obtaining a BPO Certification from NABPOP. Active BPO certified members of NABPOP receive the C-REPS designation (Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist).

The NABPOP BPO Certification and C-REPS designation are recognized throughout the BPO Industry. Many BPO/REO Companies give extra consideration for certified BPO vendors.

Performing BPOs increase Real Estate Income – click here for more details to increase real estate income.