Valuation Industry Interface VII features

The Valuation Industry Interface VII is a website portal for BPO & REO companies to access the many resources and services that NABPOP offers. The VII was created as a resource and to assist BPO companies with locating quality BPO vendors.

VII Features

      • Directory of BPO Professionals more info

      • Directory of REO Professionals more info

      • Hard to Place BPO/REO orders Bulletin Board more info

           o Input interface

           o Management interface

      • Directory of BPO Companies profile management more info

      • Data Interface (BPO Vendor certification status) more info

           o Data CSV uploads

           o Data XML transfer

           o Other data formats


Contact us to request access to the VII. NABPOP welcomes companies of all sizes to use the interface because the more companies that use this interface, the more of a benefit it is for our members. There is no obligation and NABPOP will maintain the strictest of confidence.