Data Services

NABPOP also has the capability to interface with your computer system through several data transfer techniques including XML, CSV, and tab delimited data feeds to your system.  Registered companies automatically receive certification information for their BPO vendors that are members of NABPOP.  The data transfer eliminates the administrative burden of maintaining certification status.  Each certified vendor’s certification status is automatically uploaded into their vendor profile.

NABPOP members enter the vendor number that is assigned to them by your company.  Using your vendor number as the key field, NABPOP can transmit certification status directly to your system without any hassle or drain on your resources.  Your company will seamlessly and conveniently benefit from the advanced and continuous education offered through NABPOP.


In addition to data services, NABPOP can customize a certification status rating system that conforms with your current vendor selection algorithm. Contact Us to find our more information.