NABPOP - National Association of Broker Price Opinion Professionals


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"BPO Practitioners Win. BPO/REO Companies and Banks Win. Consumers Win."


Win Win Win


Experienced BPO practitioners can take their BPO and REO business to the next level. NABPOP is your resource to tap into the vast knowledge base which exists in the industry. NABPOP acts as a harness of knowledge, skills, techniques, and resources to aide you in your BPO and REO business. Even the most experienced BPO practitioners learn from the BPO Education section. Experienced practitioners can identify their weaknesses by taking the stringent BPO Certification test and benefit from networking with other BPO practitioners. Simply put, NABPOP will elevate your BPO business.



bpo common targetNABPOP serves as a diverse platform with various forums, networks, and resources to harness the collective knowledge, talent, skills, and experience of the BPO Practitioner members in conjunction with the resources and experience of the BPO and REO Companies that service the valuation industry.


Professional education and certification advance the knowledge and skill sets of NABPOP members.  In addition to BPO Certification, NABPOP members have unlimited access to updated online BPO Education, BPO Resources, BPO Standards and Guidelines, and network with each other online for support and to share knowledge and experience.


NABPOP makes available a Directory of certified Members to the lending industry and to the general public who require the services of a BPO Practitioners.  NABPOP also maintains and makes available a Directory of BPO and REO Companies for members to utilize in order to increase their BPO volume.


The Code of Ethics and the certification process are intended to provide the real estate industry the assurance that NABPOP members are competent and of the highest professional caliber.