Preview BPO Education and BPO Certification Test

If your company is interested in the services that NABPOP has to offer and would like to learn more about NABPOP, please Contact Us to establish an account with NABPOP.  As a BPO or REO company, you may qualify to review the BPO Certification test as well as the BPO Education and Resources that are available to members.


Obviously, you need to trust that the BPO Education and Certification is up to your organization’s standards.  Companies that qualify are set up with guest access to the BPO Certification Test, BPO Education section, and BPO Resources section.  NABPOP has devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources developing the test and we will strive to bring the test up to your standards if need be.  We welcome your input. 


In addition to including the NABPOP certification as part of their vendor selection criteria, several BPO companies have also set up NABPOP training accounts to train their own employees using the BPO Education section and required the BPO Certification test. More info about BPO Company employee training through NABPOP