BPO Certification

Certifications have always existed to compare and contrast the competency of people. The Real Estate industry and the BPO industry are certainly skilled professional industries with the need for certifications.  NABPOP Members distinguish themselves and increase their BPO credibility by obtaining a BPO Certification from NABPOP. 

NABPOP administers a BPO Certification that continues to gain recognition in the BPO Industry.  Unlike other BPO “certifications” that are given for attending a BPO course or simply taking a class, NABPOP uses a stringent test that members must pass to become certified.



The BPO certification exam is designed to test for comprehension and understanding of the following areas:


 • BPO Concepts & Principles

 • BPO Preparation

 • Information Gathering

 • Dealing with Property Owners

 • Neighborhood Inspection

 • Exterior Property Inspection

 • Interior Property Inspection

 • Gross Living Area – GLA *

 • Room Counts *

 • Rating Property & Amenities

 • House Types/Roof Types

 • House/Architectural Styles

 • Standards for locating and using Comparables

 • Comparable Adjustments

 • Adjustment Calculations

 • Determine Appreciation/Depreciation rate

    - Specific area (down to subdivision)

    - Regional

 • Determine Feature Value & Paired Sales Analysis

 • Superior, Inferior & Equal Comps

 • Pricing & Reconciliation

 • Land Value Techniques

 • Ethics


*NABPOP conforms to ANSI standards for room counts and GLA


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